Maccasio has revoked his comments made about Fancy Gadam in his one-on-one interview with Sammy Flex on Saammy Flex TV.

The rapper was heard referring to Fancy Gadam as his enemy and therefore never wanting to see any of his boys hang out with him. After these comments, many called the rapper names and he was heavily criticized on so many radio programs for such abusive comments.

Maccasio – No Chorus Breakdown

Today, Maccasio has taken back those words, blamed it on a slip of the tongue and asked for forgiveness from all music lovers across the globe. According to him, he has never seen Fancy Gadam as an enemy but as a rival with whom he has a very friendly relationship. In his interview with Afa Staph on Neesim FM, Maccasio said this: Watch him speak below.