Just a week after his art rival, Fancy Gadam, got married, Maccasio has finally made his first comments concerning marriage, just as many expected he would since Fancy Gadam did.

The rivalry between these two artists is one of the strongest and longest musical rivalries the North has ever experienced, resulting in them doing whatever the other does or even better.
 From challenging each other in filling the stadiums, to buying cars, building houses, and now, marrying?.

Music Breakdown Of Is Rahim – Gom.

After Fancy Gadam paid the bride price of Mustapha Jamila, his long time fiancee, a few days after this, Maccasio took to his TikTok account on the 28th of August to ask his fans and siblings whether or not he should also marry.
Listening and dancing to a love song in his wedding guest costume, the rapper asked below “or make I marry some“. See screenshot below.

Maccasio Posted On TikTok.