The Northern Ghanaian music scene has been set ablaze with controversy following the release of Maccasio’s latest track, “Raw Raps.” In this fiery song, the talented artist didn’t hold back, taking aim at several prominent figures within the industry, including G. Face, G. Unit, Fancy Gadam, Ataaka, and others.

The diss track, characterized by its hard-hitting lyrics and aggressive delivery, marks a departure from Maccasio’s usual style, showcasing his versatility as an artist. While the specific reasons behind the diss may vary, it’s clear that tensions are running high within the industry currently.

G. Face, known for his bold persona and relevance in the media space within the North, was one of the primary targets of Maccasio’s verbal assault. Similarly, G. Unit, Fancy Gadam, and Ataaka, all well-known names in the industry, found themselves in the crosshairs of Maccasio’s lyrical onslaught. Check out the song below,

Maccasio ~ Raw Rap

The release of “Raw Raps” has sparked intense debate among fans and critics alike, with opinions divided on whether Maccasio’s approach is justified or if it’s simply a ploy for attention. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, there’s no denying the impact of Maccasio’s latest release. “Raw Raps” has reignited interest back into the industry after Ramadan.