Sherif Abdul Majeed who is popularly known as Maccasio has shamed his critics on their circulation of his usage of cosmetics to look fresh.

A lot of artiste like Ataaka, Dobble Tee and the likes have always been on the rapper for allegations that he uses ladies pomade and other cosmetics just to make his body look fair and fresh.
On an interview yesterday 18th July, 2020 on KM TV with Malangah, Maccasio said his freshness and fair skin is as a result of fresh air and the good Healthy life he’s living.
The rapper revealed that, he drives in a fully aircondition car and lives in a fully aircondition room which can make him fresh as a result.

He brags that he’s not like other artiste who ride in the hot sun or enter tricycles for the hot air to ducken their skin.
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