Sensational Ghanaian rapper Okyeame Kwame believes Ghanaian rappers could make giant strides globally if they switch to English as their mode of communication in their songs.

The Kumasi-based rapper said with regard to his ‘local champion’ status, he could have been an enviable brand worldwide if he had incorporated English into his delivery. He made this known recently in a conversation with Graphic Showbiz.

“Popular as Okyeame Kwame has become, if I’m able to deliver rap lines in English, coupled with the culture, tone and style, I know it will have a much bigger appreciation and appeal. If I deny this, then I’m not being truthful”.

“However, the success of rapping in English doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I’m saying this because rappers are poets and must be creative with their words”.

“My explanation is technical but the simplest form I can make people understand my point is that with rap, the artiste is considered the figure and he/she must be able communicate in a language that people understand”.

“As a creative rapper, no matter how well-crafted my lines are, they will mean nothing when I perform to a US or UK audience. This is because they will not understand the Twi language and will not appreciate my craft, which is very key for a rapper”.

The Rap Dacta as his moniker goes said he believed the global feat of a rapper and that of a singer were different.

“As I said earlier, a Ghanaian rapper who wants to make worldwide gains will certainly need to infuse the English language in his works but the singer may not need that”.