Ill Haven Records signee, Ntelabi has wake up musicians to buy the idea of working under record labels or investing into their crafts themselves.

Music Breakdown Of Mac Velly ~ Don Hustler.

According to the former Lynx Entertainment signee, it’s useless to have all the talent one posseses but yet still don’t have the money to promote it. Sharing his idea on wether talent can make an artist a top notch in Ghana, Ntelabi advices that musicians should rather do all they can to promote their stuffs rather than claiming talents because, as for talent, a lot have it and few will notice it if you don’t promote it.

Ntelabi On Sagani TV.

For music, it’s all about promotion, talent will be a waste or useless without promotion. So I will advise my colleague artists to promote their talent and their projects”. He said. Ntelabi states this on an exclusive interview with Sadik Cybha on Sagani TV North Arts show on Friday, September 2nd. Watch him speak below.