Alhassan Abdul Razak, one of the veteran radio personalities from the North, has named hip-life veteran, Mohammed Abdul-Rashid Kawastone, as his best singer ever from the Northern part of Ghana.

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In a very observed analysis he described as his personal opinion. DJ Carlos, as he’s popularly known, says he thinks the North is yet to produce a singer who is gifted, talented, and versatile like Kawastone in the music industry. DJ Carlos further explains that, during Kawastone’s time in Blackstone as a music group, the musician was always delivering simple and very clear lyrics everyone could listen clearly and relate to in their songs, and when Kawawa became a solo artist as Kawastone, he became more matured as a musician, resulting in a little bit of maturity in his songs, such that the lay man could no longer listen to him clearly and understand him too well, unless he had a breakdown because his style and lyrics became more deep and hard to be understood.

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According to DJ Carlos, that was exactly the time Kawastone began to lose his followers, and that wasn’t his mistake because he was at this point matured and wanted to sing exactly like top Ghanaian artists then like Tinny and others. DJ Carlos said up till now, for a singer to be more excellent in his delivery, melody and harmonizing wise, unless thought and coached by Kawastone. He said this on the Sagani TV North Arts show with Alhaji Sadick Cybha. Watch below.