Blakk Rasta, known for his outspoken nature and activist mindset, did not hold back in expressing his concerns about Chef Faila’s cooking marathon. In a passionate rant during his radio show, he called the endeavor a “suicide mission” and criticized the idea of sacrificing sleep for the sake of a record.

“Sleep is not something to be taken lightly,” Blakk Rasta emphasized. “It is a crucial aspect of our well-being and mental health. To intentionally deprive oneself of sleep for three days straight or more is simply dangerous.”

While many may see Chef Faila’s cooking marathon as a lighthearted and entertaining event, Blakk Rasta’s viewpoint highlights the importance of prioritizing one’s health over attempting to set a new Guinness world record.

Blakk Rasta firmly believes that endorsing such a feat would send a wrong message to the public, especially the younger generation. He emphasized the need to promote responsible behavior and self-care rather than pursuing records at the expense of one’s own well-being.

“Setting records should not come at the cost of our health and sanity,” Blakk Rasta stated. “We need to teach our youth that success is not measured solely by achieving feats, but by living a balanced and healthy life.”

Blakk Rasta’s concerns about the cooking marathon weren’t solely focused on sleep deprivation. He also expressed apprehension about the potential health risks of a non-stop cooking session for three days or more. He questioned the sanity of such an endeavor, highlighting the physical and mental toll it would take on the participants.

Chef Faila embarked on the cooking marathon on January 1 and is expected to end on January 10 to be able to set a new record in the books of Guinness world records.