Ghanaian musician, Tuba Zak’s has made history with his 20th anniversary at the Tamale’s Jubilee Park yesterday, the 21st of January, 2023.

The legend, who is based in the united states of America, came down to his homeland, Tamale, where he began everything about his music journey and celebrated his 20th Anniversary of his career at the Police/Jubilee Park in Tamale yesterday.

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For a veteran who is well recognized for his amazing stage craft with great evergreen songs that fans hardly forgets, the whole of the Jubilee park was filled to capacity as fans and music patrons trooped in to have fun and to watch the Legend perform as is been a while they watch his amazing stage performance.

And as usual of him, Tuba Zak’s at the concert gave back-to-back performances of his various hit songs, plus marvelous performances from some of his colleagues in the industry, including Maccasio, Fad Lan, Choggu Boys, Wolugu Lana etc. Watch video of the performance of some of the artists below.

Maccasio Performance At Tuba Zak’s 20 Years Anniversary
Fad Lan Performance At Tuba Zak’s 20 Years Anniversary