DJ Carlos has debunked Tuba Zak’s wife’s accusations and disclosed that Tuba’s wife only consulted her on her intensions to leave Tamale to Accra to stay with her ex-boyfriend and he stopped her.

People will recall that Tuba Zak took to a Facebook live video to allege that DJ Carlos wanted to have her woman and even turned her into a hookup girl since he, Tuba, is still in America.

Tuba Zak Live Video.

Upon circulating this on social media, DJ Carlos took to a Facebook live to debunk the claims and disclosed that Tuba Zak and his wife have been having issues and he has always been the one who settled them. 
According to him, Tuba Zak’s wife appeared in his office one day after their quarrel and said she wanted to go to Accra to relax her brain since Tuba was giving her a tough time. According to DJ Carlos, he asked her where she would be staying if she went there, and the wife said she would be staying with her ex-boyfriend.

“I stopped her from going because I knew her husband (Tuba Zak) would be mad at that. She thought I would tell her husband about this and quickly called her after she left my place to lie against me, “ DJ Carlos said. Watch his live video below.

DJ Carlos Speaks.