Wiz Child who is one of the fastest rising artist in Ghana was taken by surprise at a wedding ground on Sunday the 28th of February when the biggest song from the North this year (Kum) was dropped.

Kum is undoubtedly the biggest and most popular song currently in the north since it was released earlier in 2020.

The song has captured the hearts of both the young and old and millions go crazy whenever it’s dropped especially at wedding grounds. On Sunday, a young girl who is believed to be 8 years was filmed in an occasion performing word to word of the song, Kum.
It’s narrated that Wiz Child was called into the floor to perform the song and the girl invaded the floor and took over the mic to show to the artist that she can do far better on his song than him. Her performance got everyone shocked and wonder how a young girl of her age could perform exactly or more than the artist himself, many were chanting and given her all sort of gifts in excitements.
Watch The Video Below,

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