Sherif-Abdul Majeed Maccasio has fired harder at Ataaka in a recent interview on HYPE TV with Is Hassan Dablee. The rapper said in the interview that he has no target or aim in the music business.
The two great rappers have been on one another with so many trolls at each other.

Recently, Maccasio scheduled his commercial concert at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium on the 21st of August and Ataaka scheduled a free street carnival on the same day.
In an ‘All About The Throne Concert’ interview with Maccasio, he was asked how he felt about what Ataaka chose to do. He quickly responded that Ataaka is not a musician but a comedian.

According to him, while many artists hustle day in and day out for profit in the industry, for Ataaka, his target is just to release songs without profit.
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