Ataaka, one of northern Ghana finest lyricist has expressed his disappointment in Da Commy who is popularly known as Waluagu Lana.

Walugu Lana has in the passed weeks been on the neck of Ataaka with dirty insults to his parents and his camp KKC for a reason that Ataaka mention his name in his song “2020 Review”.
Below is some of the bad dirty insults sent to Ataaka by Walugu Lana,

On an interview with Ataaka on Sankara Radio yesterday 27th February with DJ Parara, Ataaka said he felt so disappointed in Walugu Lana as a veteran artist for the childish act towards him.

According to Ataaka, he called Walugu Lana personally to seek for his go ahead before he added his name to the song, so he least expected those trash to his parents.

Ataaka said this hurts him so much that he feel like quitting music for what he has made his parents goes through.
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