The Richest Rapper, Gaffachi has bragged that the kind of music he produced is timeless music; a reason he do not usually pay much attention to what the fans say out there.

Many players and fans have criticize the rapper for doing a kind of music and style they describe as archaic.
On an interview on HYPE TV for the review of his most talked about album “Real Is Real”, Gaffachi was asked by the host Is Hasaan Dablee why he was down at point in the music scene to an extent most people thought he quited doing music. He replied that,

“I was preparing to bounce back, you Know I listened to most of the old jams so I produced songs which are timeless so I was preparing to come out with songs which will take time to wiped out, a clear example is my song “Pressure”, if it’s dropped now, many will think it’s a today vibe, I don’t follow trend’.

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