Mic 4, an artist based in Northern Ghana’s Tamale, has publicly disclosed that he uses magic in pursuit of his success in the music business and that it’s through magic that has brought him to where he is today.

According to him, though an artist can be loved for his talent, he will need magic in order to make an instant hit. Every single individual prays to God every day, including non-artists. So for one to get the attention of God, he/she needs to follow the illegal way, which is through spirituality.  Mic 4 confesses that he uses magic and that it’s through magic he is where he is today.

In trying to convince people more, Mic 4 vowed that all the artists used magic, and he could even go further to mention names. He said this in an entertaining discussion with Alhaji Sadik Cybha on the Sagani TV North Arts Show on Wednesday, October 13th. Watch the video below to see