Is Rahim, the CEO of NF Nation, has finally admitted that he misses his old manager, Princess Mariam of Marisky Entertainment.

The two had a pleasant working relationship in the early days of the Star, and many people, including Is Rahim, have stated that Marisky was a cornerstone in Is Rahim’s career.
Their management reached a point when, according to Is Rahim, things weren’t proceeding as planned under the contract, which is why he (Is Rahim) forced the deal’s termination.

Is Rahim admitted on the All Inclusive Show with Is Hassan Dablee on Radio Amana 96.3Mhz yesterday, June 16th, that he and his crew have missed Marisky because of her intense hardwork and dedication.
He went on to say that his old manager has made so many sacrifices for him that he will never forget her help.
Take a look at the video below.