In his experience, Possi Gee, one of the legendary beat producers in Africa, has in his view disclosed what he observed as the problem of northern-based artists or musicians coming from the north. The north, in recent years, has been classified as the home of talented artists, but the big question always remains: how many of them are making it? Many have traced the answer to this question to a language barrier, but Possi Gee sees it otherwise.

According to him, a lack of proper investment is the biggest challenge that has damaged the growth of northern musicians. “The northern-based artists are talented and doing so well, but growing as an artist goes beyond talent. They have to leave their comfort zones to promote themselves, but what I see always is that they feel so okay in their comfort zones,” he said.
In giving an example, Possi Gee stated clearly that Fancy Gadam, who was based in the north, started conquering Ghana when Nero took him and invested well in him, but he began to fall again after their contract expired. Possigee reveals this in a one-on-one interview with Is Hassan Dablee on HYPE TV. Watch the full interview below.