Veteran singer and media personality, Mohammed Abdul Rashid Kawastone, has vowed in a recent interview that no radio station can afford his salary per the weight of his qualifications.
On Friday, November 19th, Naa Beli of Sagani TV’s My Northern Achiever’s Program asked Kawastone how he would describe his radio journey.

In response to that, Kawastone said he has had a bright radio journey, though the radio industry from the north does not pay much.
According to him, presenters depend on the influence and the opportunities radio renders to them, not just on the salary. Because it pays less, or even the few who think it pays, to him, he doesn’t think what they’re earning is what they wanted to earn.

He added that, if not for the opportunities, there isn’t any radio station that can pay him for the value of his certificate or qualification. Watch the video below.