Khaya Ranking and DJ Ojah, two of Northern Ghana’s finest dancehall artists and beat makers respectively, have blamed the lack of growth of the Northern music industry on presenters and DJ’s consistent playing of music breathed from the southern part of the country. Khaya Ranking and DJ Ojah were hosted on Sagani TV’s North Arts Show by Alhaji Sadick Cybha on September 8th, 2021.

According to Khaya Ranking, when you travel to Accra or Kumasi, you will rarely hear a single song from Northern Ghana aired on radio or TV, but presenters from the north dedicate lots of their airtime to playing and promoting songs from these places.
On the other hand, DJ Ojah vowed that when it comes to talent in all aspects of the entertainment industry, southerners will not be behind in their march.

They both concluded that, for the Northern Music Industry to standstill, these presenters have to stop promoting southern musicians and concentrate on promoting their own, northern-based artists.
Watch the video below.