Maccasio, a Ghanaian rap singer from the north, has disclosed that he and his close competitor, Fancy Gadam, were earning nothing from the music industry at the time the competition was tight between them because of the scandals, attacks, and noise surrounding them.

From packing stadiums with their concerts to fighting one other in concerts, the two Stars were the buzz of the country throughout 2015-18.
The commotion surrounding the two compelled everyone to pay attention to them and give them an opportunity to deliver.

In an interview with Mr.Tell on Saturday, June 19th on Radio Tamale, the Gulma hitmaker recalled that they made nothing from their music during those years, and that the rivalry even drove them to invest inconceivable amounts of money in themselves in order to stay relevant in the battle.
Maccasio revealed that his music is now paying off and that he is happy with his life and job.
Take a look at the little video below.