Most controversial artiste, Wolugu Lana has dirty Mohammed Hafiz G. Face The Trender with insults for denying him the opportunity to perform at Fancy Gadam X Zaachi program, which was powered by Nana Agbazor.

The Fancy Gadam X Zaachi program was held at the Tamale’s Youngest Pub by spiritual father, Nana Agbazor.
Even though the program was headline by these two entertainers, Fancy Gadam and Zaachi, many other artists came to support the show because of their healthy relationship with Nana Agbazor, the owner of the show.

And as for Wolugu Lana, he came to support the program because, Nana Agbazor released a viral statement that the program is open up for every artists who wants to show him love.

According to Wolugu Lana, he came to the program by 1am on the Sunday, March 19th, 2023, and he met with both MC’s of the show, Mohammed Hafiz G. Face and DJ Flick, but the two, most especially G. Face refused to called him up on stage to perform.

In a short viral video chanced by HYPE TV, Wolugu Lana dirty G. Face with insults and added that, the owner of the program even ordered him to call Wolugu Lana to perform, but he refused, for a reason best known to him. He warned G. Face to hide anytime he sees him, or else face the consequences of his beatings.

Wolugu Lana Speaks In Anger