Fancy Gadam has been exposed after going back on his words that the northern artists or artists in other regions generally can not breakthrough into the national or international market without collaborating with artists in the national market already or internationally.

Fancy Gadam made this comments on an interview with DJ Krouch on March 27th.
Artists like Dobble Tee and big time industry players like Mr McDonald disagreed with him, saying artists can penetrate easily nationally or internationally with true hard work and determination.
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A different video of him, Fancy Gadam saying an artists doesn’t have to move to Accra or relocate to the city of his geographical area has been discovered and the 1 Don was recorded saying vice versa of his comments today.
This particular video was taken after his victory at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards way back in 2018 when he won the popular & collaboration song of the year with Total Cheat.
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