One of Ghana’s finest and very fastest rising king, Teflon Flexx has bragged in his latest song “Not Even Shouting” that he’s the richest artist from the north.

A whole lot of fans and industry players have been contemplating over who the richest artist in the north is. Names like himself, Teflon Flexx, Fancy Gafam and even Maccasio have all been mentioned before anytime arguments of this nature pops up.

On his latest hip hop drip jam he titled “Not Even Shouting”, Teflon Flexx dropped a very controversial verse on it which will keep fans wondering over whether or not he meant he’s actually the richest artist from the north or he included it for rhyming sake.
The chorus of the song is “I’m Not Even Shouting”, so whatever he said, the backup will respond ” I’m Not Even Shouting”.
He mentioned “The Richest Artist From The North”, “I’m Not Even Shouting”.
Listen to the song and passed your judgement under the comment box.