One of northern most promising talent, Wiz Child has voiced out to investors to come to his aid as a top notch brand.

Well known for releasing back to back hits with deep lyrical content and millions of followers/audience appeal, Wiz Child is yet to have a solely financier who spend and invest in his unique craft.
Working alone and financing his own works at his age, Wiz Child has chopped so many successes like working himself to get the nomination of the 3Music Awards Breakout Artist of the year for Northern region in 2019, Nea artists of the year for 2 consecutive years etc.

{Wiz Child Performance At The Recent Northern Entertainment Awards}

Recently, he became the first northern based artist to get his facebook account verified by facebook, alarming the hard works he’s been putting through.

In a facebook update by the Legend Boy as his fans called him, Wiz Child asked a rhetorical question which sound a little controversial about his career.
It looks like the star is becoming tired or frustrating for working all alone and has reached the peak that he needs a helping hand.
Below is a screenshot of the star post,