Most controversial veteran artists, Wolugu Lana has sound out his very last warning to Afa Staph in a short video chanced on the internet by Is Hassan Dablee of HYPE MEDIA GH fame.

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Speaking in pains and in anger, Wolugu Lana vows that he is going to beat Afa Staph to make sure he is hospitalized whenever he meets him. He adds that, he has never been dared to this point the presenter has dared him, and he is going to prove to him why he is older than him.

Wolugu Lana Speaks.

Many will recall that Afa Staph and Wolugu Lana banter started on Facebook when Is Hassan Dablee published an article about Wolugu Lana disclosure of why he beat DJ Crouch on a live TV broadcast, and Afa Staff made ill comments under the post on Is Hassan Dablee’s wall on facebook about the stars comments, saying Wolugu Lana did that because DJ Crouch is a small boy, and went over to daring him to try same on his colleagues like him (Afa Staph) if he’s a man. This got to Wolugu Lana, which led to the video above.