One of the core founders of hip life from the North, Big Malik of KKC fame, has blamed some industry players for blocking their shine for the current crop of young artists to grow.

Having an industry many describe as a limping industry, Big Malik was invited by the production team of the Sagani TV North Arts show to discuss the reason for the loosening in value of the current crop of artists as compared to the legends.

Pray For Bigger Adams – Big Malik.

Big Malik responded that this is as a result of some industry players’ idea to retire them when they were on the top of their game, just for the current reigning artists to make it. 
According to him, some gang of industry players who have been forced out of the industry currently ganged against them some time back because of their selfish feelings that they, the old artists, have been in the game for too long. 
Big Malik stated clearly that the reason for the limping industry is as a result of this. Watch him speak below.

Big Malik Speak On Sagani Tv.