Dagbon Movies’ counsel of elders has sounded out a warning to Labzorow and A.Legacy production to not make a mistake and release their much hyped movie they are anticipating drop.

A few weeks ago, Labzorow announced to his fans and loved ones to anticipate a movie called “Din Bilisiri Yung” from him and his production house.

Maccasio Jabs Ataaka Again.

After unleashing some images of the movie from the scene, the Northern Movie counsel of elders has ordered that the movie shouldn’t be released, else it will be banned and he, Abla Kogu, will be banned as well if he does release it.

Speaking to the media, the counsel of elders consisting of Mba Fulani, Nyohini Baba, Mr. Razak, and Afa Digital stated clearly that it’s a tradition in the Northern Drama & Film Makers Association (Nordrafim) which every single film maker knows that any movie that is going against the rules and regulations of the Dagbon Kingdom and Islamic preachings will face a ban, and that any producer who goes against the ban placed on his movie and releases it into the market will face a ban not to act again until they apologize.

Fancy Gadam Jabs Mr. Tell And maccasio Using Fad Lan.

According to them, some scenes from the movie contain dialogues and sermons that are against the Islamic and cultural rules of the Kingdom. So he was asked not to release the movie.

After this view, Labzorow sat on the Gbangu FM Arts Show with Mr. Zinzam and said that the movie will be out soon, next month for that matter. He began promoting it with the official trailer….Watch below,

Movie Trailer

On the same show with Mr. Zinzam, a caller “Baba” called from Labzorow’s camp and challenges them that movie making is not out for Dagomba’s or Muslims only. This provoked them and Afa Digital, a member of the council of elders, sounds out a warning to him not to release the movie or they will ban both the movie and Labzorow himself from acting. “He, Labzorow shouldn’t make a mistake and release the movie, else we will ban the film and ban him from acting” he said. Listen to their conversation with Mr. Zinzam below.