After Ebony’s demise, a lot of Ghanaian Female musicians have been subjected to the Ebony look alike syndrome with many new and upcoming Ghanaian female artists appearing to be doing stuff that makes them look or sound like Ebony aka the 90s Badgyal.

The latest to be allied to this development is Upper East-based Ghanaian dancehall Diva, Alapta wan.

In an interview on the Prime morning show with KMJ, Africa is Bleeding hitmaker, bemoaned one of the biggest challenges she is working on bringing a stop with her management is the fact that most people see her, and instead of talking about her craft, the resort to her resemblance with the late dancehall queen.

For her, Ebony did great for herself and God called her to eternity it’s now her time, and Ghanaians should accept her with the new craft she’s coming up with.

She added that her way of dressing is different from the late dancehall singer hence doesn’t see any reason Ghanaians should mistake her for Ebony.

Alapta Wan is currently in the nation’s capital promoting her latest single, Odeshi, and has since performed in the Jollof and Afrobeat festival and is set to jointly host a concert with Bono East’s finest, Abbi Imma early next year.