Ill Haven Records star, Ahmed Shaban has said that, Tamale based late rapper, SKY De Tamale Boy achieved nothing out of his talent in music.

SKY was one the North most talented rapper. He sadly passed on a year ago in a motor accident a day after he had Successfully sold out a concert in Cherponi in the North East Region.

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In a one on one interview with Big Malik on Radio Tamale 91.7mhz, Shaban was promoting peace and unity among entertainment industry players and made a point that, the late SKY De Tamale Boy was one talented rapper everyone including his enemies could testify that he was good, but he benefited nothing and achieved nothing through his talent.

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Shaban asked that, are his enemies and those who were always sabotaging him happy he ended this miserably without benefitting anything from his talent?

Ahmed Shaban recalled how he was pained when he heard the demised of the star. Watch the short interview below,