Abu Sadiq Naanigoo, a veteran musician from the north, has appealed to artists and musicians to stop musical floating whenever they have concerts or shows coming up.

Artists based in the north have adopted the strategy of floating as a way of reminding fans about their concerts, and for about 5 years, it has become a culture for all artists to practice before concerts.

Many artists, especially Fancy Gadam, have lost many fans through this strategy because of the normal accidents that usually occur during this.
In a recent interview with Big Malik on Radio Tamale on Sunday 29th of August, Abu Sadiq appealed to musicians to kindly put a stop to it as he thinks it’s killing the industry for future generations.

According to him, an artist’s music should serve as a reason enough for fans to pull up for your shows, but the stratagy of floating looks like a burden to him.

Abu Sadiq added that if an artist does good music and has the fans’ support, floating and activities to pull people to his show are not needed.

“Should this not stop, it will become a culture and the generations of musicians to come will suffer from it,” he said.
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