The Legendary Big Malik of KKC has broken his silence on the matter of him giving Wolugu Lana a second opportunity to insult Afa Staph.

Sambani (Official Music Video)

Many will remember that Afa Staff in one of his Facebook live videos insulted Big Malik and said the legend has lost his respect forever for giving Wolugu Lana two opportunities over him on his radio program on Radio Tamale, to insult him.

Ada Staph Speaks.

But on Zaa Kootu program last night 8th of September on Zaa TV with Kawastone, Big Malik debunked that claimed and stated that he didn’t give Wolugu Lana the second opportunity, he (Wolugu Lana) requested for it for a different purpose of appealing for fund for Big Adams sickness, but he acted smartly to have mentioned Afa Staph name when he was answering a question on why he attacked DJ Krouch on a live TV program, Sagani TV North Arts.

According to Big Malik, Wolugu Lana never insulted Afa Staph or his parents on his show; he only explained why he beat Krouch, which was demanding his (Afa Staph) name as an example. Watch him speak below.

Big Malik On Zaa TV.