Industry players and stakeholders of the Northern Music industry, which has always been described as the fastest growing industry in the country, have always cried for investors into the industry. Artists cry for investors as well as the media.

While this is seen as a huge challenge for the industry, another sad news has just hit the industry as Alhassan Abdul-Razak, popularly known as DJ Carlos, who is the CEO of Carlos Entertainment, has announced his resignation as an artist manager and talent supporter.

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Before this development, DJ Carlos had signed, managed, and supported so many talents from the North through his entertainment hub, Carlos Entertainment. Choggu Boys, B Flesh of Kaya, Lord Destro, Lil K, Don Sigli, Jamalu Bamba and so many other great and famous artists have been beneficiaries of his label.

The presenter made this announcement in a live TV show on Sagani TV North Arts Show with Alhaji Sadick Cybha on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.

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According to him, Carlos Entertainment is still a record label and even more strong and vibrant than it was decades ago, but now, they have quit artists’ management, in particular, and are focusing on event organization, MCing, composing of jingles, renting of chairs, canopies, and other event gadgets.

We were born entertainers and grew up as entertainers, so we still do entertainment and everything that has to do with entertainment, but for artist management, we have stopped doing artist management, not at all,” he said. 
Watch DJ Carlos speak below on the North Arts Shows.