Talented hip life veteran, Wolugu Lana, has blamed his current stage, level and state of livelihood on the sad demise of his late father, who was a high court judge in Ghana.

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As a musician who has always been praised for his intelligence and high sense of humor, Wolugu Lana was recorded on camera on Zaa TV’s Zaa Kootu program with Kawastone, saying that he is here today because of the early passing of his father. 
Just as everybody believes the knowledge he’s got is beyond where he is today, Wolugu Lana believes his story would have been an absolutely different story if his father was still alive.

People who used to say that I’m lying, that my father wasn’t anybody important, are now confessing and wondering how I spent my father’s property. Isn’t this hypocritical? Look, let me tell you, I wouldn’t have been where I am today if my father was still alive,” he sadly stated. Watch a short video of the stars’ comments below.