In a heartwarming gesture of goodwill and respect, the CEO of Baron Autos, Mr. Baron, has gifted Chief Dakpem Zaachi Malgu-Naa a brand new bike. This act of generosity not only highlights the strong relationship between Baron Autos and the local community but also underscores the company’s commitment to honoring traditional leaders and fostering community ties.

The presentation of the vehicle took place at the Wodehouse of ‘Sonlink Motors’ in Tamale. Chief Dakpem Zaachi Malgu-Naa expressed his profound gratitude for the gift, which he said would greatly aid in his duties and mobility within the region.

Mr. Baron emphasized that this gift symbolizes Baron Autos’ dedication to supporting and uplifting the communities they serve. “We believe in giving back to the community and supporting our leaders,” he remarked. This gesture is a testament to Baron Autos’ values of respect, community, and appreciation for cultural heritage.