Celebrated Northern-based Ghanaian icon, Fancy Gadam, has finally posted beautiful pictures and a video of his most beautiful wife, Mustapha Jamila, after they tied the knot to live together as husband and wife.

The news of the Total Cheat hit maker’s engagement to Jamila hits the internet through an article published by hypemediagh.com, and the wife has always been the one posting their pictures and videos together.

Ill Haven Records Crew – Sambani

Yesterday, on the 11th of September, Fancy Gadam and his wife both released some adorable pictures and videos of themselves in the same colours they wear on their TikTok accounts. 
As many admired and congratulated them for that giant step taken, others suspected the pictures were too beautiful enough to just be a normal shoot session, but a shoot for pre-wedding pictures. Watch a few of the pictures grouped with the video below.

Fancy Gadam And Wife, Jamila