Ayelbis Event, organizers of Miss Upper East Ghana, has unveiled the list of the 12 finalists to battle it out for the crown, price packages, and a lot of incentives in the 2021 edition of Miss Upper East Ghana.
With beautiful and intelligent representatives from the various districts and municipal assemblies in the region, the contestants are expected to showcase, celebrate and, above all, win public trust to walk home with the crown as Miss Upper East Ghana 2021.
This year’s event promises to be fun as the organizers are charged with giving their best to sustain the rich culture of the land.
Check the list below for updates,

1. Kinat Bawku central
2. Asumbe Tempane
3. Assalim Bulsa north
4. Lamisi Bawku municipal
5. Wewove kasena nankana
6. Chiga kasena nankana district
7. Kaweh kasena nankana west
8. Kiana Bolga central
9. Yinemi Bolga East
10. Ndepoka Bawku west
11. Nmabila Bolga East
12. Sakina Garu