Ghana’s rising Spoken Word Artist and Poet, Dе Parrot Spеaks, has kick started the year 2024 with another awe-inspiring piece titled “Dilеmma.” This new spoken word promises to resonate with audiences on a deeper and more personal level.

In “Dilemma,” Dе Parrot Spеaks explores the complexities of life, addressing universal experiences such as pain, depression, moments of sadness, and instances where hope seems difficult to find. She expresses the idea that, regardless of individual struggles, there is a shared human experience that connects us all.

The poem encourages listeners to pause, reflect, regain their composure, and stand resilient for a brighter future. Dе Parrot Spеaks believes in the power of art to uplift, inspire, and bring about positive change, and “Dilemma” encapsulates this belief perfectly.

“Dilеmma” is currently available for streaming on various digital platforms and music outlets.

Stream the official video below,