A fan who is believed to know afrobeats singer, Ishmael Walad very well has revealed that the singers father is the reason he’s not prospering in the entertainment industry.

Walad has been one of the most talented artiste the North has slept on. His inconsitency has brought a lot of concerns on why he’s not seeing top with his career despite all his talent.

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In a comment under Is Hassan Dablee’s wall who believed the star is lazy, a fan reveals that Ishmael Walad father is a very popular Imam in Ambariya, an Islamic section that sees music as Haram (forbidden) in Islam.

According to the fan, Ishmael Walad fathers prayers is the true reason why he fails to make it. The fan believes the father who sees music as devilish wouldnt allow his son to do music, and therefore his prayers definately is blocking his growth in the northern entertainment industry. Screenshot below,