As tempers of Fancy Gadam and DJ Parara fan base keeps rising in the recent banter between the two, Afa Staph has also dropped another fila on the knowledge he has about the issue between the two, in which he stated that DJ Parara said he was never going to involve Fancy Gadam in any of his dealings again, following his disappointment to support his Victory concert a year ago.

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DJ Parara unveiled the Performing artists at his newly established radio station, Majority Radio Unveiling Concert few weeks ago, which Fancy Gadam was a part of, just two days ago, he announced on the stations official Facebook page of the rescheduling of the concert from the initial 1st July to 15th July, of which Fancy Gadam wasn’t a part of again.

And in the announcement, he allergies that, the missing star said he was not ready to perform for free.
This didn’t go down well with Fancy Gadam and his team, which pushed them to Released their personal chat with DJ Parara, which stated otherwise.

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In a new revelation on what he knows about the banter between the two, Afa Staph took to his facebook timeline to post below,

Hi guys, I didn’t want to author a word about fancy gadam and DjParara Majority Leaders brouhaha but I feel guilty of denying the general public the truth I know about this issue.

I met with parara during the Ramadhaan period he confided in me of unnveiling presenters with the live performances of Northern base artiste but quick to reject fancy garam bcos according to him he (fancy) failed him at his victory concert in mion and so there4 he never wants to involve him in his dealings. So later he (parara) again called me, we met n he told me that Mohammed Hafiz G.face said he has contacted fancy n he said he will be avail, but later according to parara when he contacted gadam he was giving excuses of having shows to stage on the agreed dates but parara kept changing the unveiling concert date just to cover up fancy so dat he will be able to perform.

That is all I know about this issue. But guys don’t be too judgemental without knowing the actual truth. Fancy or whoever leaked the chats did not capture it from the very beginning. Secondly if you take your time and follow up G face and parara chats you will understand why parara was too harsh on this matter. We are ordinary folks and we can loose it at any time especially at a point when you entrust or sacrifice your believe in the hands of a trusted person only to be staped at the back. Bcos according to parara fancy refusal to appear on his victory tour even though he (fancy) agreed to perform cause him alot and he has to explain to the masses in diagrams. When I contacted fancy directly I realise that he didn’t also like the way the matter is going on. he said to me when asked him about it the only words he says was “A ANYA ADOO NI KA SUGLO SHEM BOO”

So guys pls don’t start insulting n blaming people on one sided story. Take pieces of information together n study it very well before making judgement. Parara anger on the chat attributed to a whole lot of issues if u don’t go closer you might not know.

Whatever I put up here, if I am asked in my grave Tommorrow that is exactly what I will say. Thank you. Any way H.B.D TO ME”.