Ghanaian rapper David AJ commemorated his birthday with a reflective message on social media, highlighting personal growth and professional transitions. In a post on his Facebook page, he expressed gratitude for another year of life while acknowledging past challenges and envisioning his future path.

Happy birthday 🎂to me, I pray God gives me the strength to go through the hardest days of my life,” wrote David AJ, signifying a moment of introspection on his life’s journey. Amidst the celebrations, he shared his resolve to confront life’s obstacles with resilience and faith.

Moreover, he disclosed a significant career development by announcing his departure from independent artist status. “I am glad to announce that David doesn’t manage David Aj anymore,” he declared, marking a pivotal shift in his trajectory as he seeks fresh avenues for growth and creative expression.
David AJ Announces New Record Label on His Birthday
Of particular note, David AJ revealed his affiliation with NSG Music, a record label, indicating an exciting new chapter in his musical endeavors. With this partnership, fans can anticipate a surge of creativity and innovation from the talented rapper.

In a heartfelt appeal to his audience, David AJ underscored the importance of spreading joy in a world often overshadowed by sorrow. “The world is a sad place, make someone happy when you can,” he urged, stressing the significance of kindness and compassion in fostering positivity amidst adversity.

Earlier this year, David AJ announced plans to release his inaugural studio album post-Ramadan, and the revelation of his association with a new record label heightens anticipation for the forthcoming project.