As the banter between Tuba Zaks and DJ Carlos is heating up the internet everyday, the veteran musician, Tuba Zaks seems not to be getting over the pain DJ Carlos caused him as he has vowed to exposed his evil plans that landed Fancy Gadam into marrying his fiancee, Jamila.

Music Video Of Sambani

People will recall that Fancy Gadam paid the bride price of his long time fiancee, Jamila few days ago which got the internet talking. Though the star is yet to author out a word on the engagement, but his wife, Jamila has shared few delightful videos already on TikTok expressing her happiness after the engagement.


Well, in a recent Facebook update sighted by HYPE MEDIA GH on Tuba Zaks wall, the star vowed at exposing the reason that led to the engagement, and his update is tagging DJ Carlos as part of it.
On his Facebook page, Tuba Zaks posted below.