Mohammed Suhuyini Shaharan, acting General Manager and Morning Show host of Yendi-based Sankara Radio, has allegedly accused one of their former workers, DJ Dollar, of having an affair with a “married woman”, which was a major reason he was chased out of the station and in Yendi.

Time With Don Ziggy

This brouhaha came when DJ Dollar sat on Zaa Kootu on Zaa TV with Kawastone and said that he left Sankara Radio due to the station’s woeful failure to pay its workers or meet workers’ demands as promised.
In a rebuttal to this statement, Suhuyini Shaharan alleged that one of the reasons that chased DJ Dollar out of Sankara Radio and Yendi was debt. He said the DJ bought a motorcycle from one of the dealers in Yendi and failed to finish up with the payment.

DJ Dollar On Why He Left Sankara Radio

Furthermore, Shaharan stated that the major of DJ Dollar’s blunder that got him kicked out of Yendi was having an affair with a lady he knew was married. Shaharan said that DJ Dollar was warned several times but to no avail until he was attacked physically and got his motorbike seized. Saharan said this today on the Sankara Radio morning show. Watch him speak below.

Shaharan Speaks