Rapper Don Dee, a young and talented Ghanaian rapper from the northern part of the country, has finally responded to the criticism heaped on him for agreeing to appear on a diss song for Fancy Gadam.

For recently having a misunderstanding with Fancy Gadam, Mr. Tell decided to hit the studio with Don Dee to release a song entitled “Greatest”. The song had many punches, people relating to Fancy Gadam. Many believed that Don Dee also had a few verses of his part, which many believed were directed at Fancy Gadam, despite his close relationship with the singer. 

Mr. Tell ft Don Dee – Greatest (Breakdown)

Having Fancy Gadam chosen Don Dee always as his favorite and best rapper from the North, fans descended on Don Dee for that move, saying that, it could damage his relationship with the star, which could go a long way to affecting his career as a young rising star.

Don Dee clarifies that people should understand that this is entertainment and should treat it as such. He said many have started trying to hack his Facebook page since the release of the song. Don Dee said he’s still cool with Fancy Gadam and wouldn’t do anything that would damage his relationship with him.

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