Ghanaian Northern-based dancehall and afrobeat warrior, Sapashini, has announced an upcoming concert slated for December 25th at the Accra Bukum Boxing Arena.

Sapashini has been one of the most consistent long-serving musicians and performers from the North, especially from the North East region, who has gained so much love and followership considering his amazing performances at major concerts both in and out of the North and his marvelous music releases.

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This has made fans and music lovers long for his major concert outside of his comfort zone, the North East region. The star has held big concerts in many villages, including his album launch at the Walewale Sports Stadium, but inside Tamale and Accra, he’s yet to hold one.

Today, July 20th, Sapashini took to all his social media handles to announce July 25th as the date chosen for his first major concert at the Bukum Boxing Arena.

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