Don Ziggy, one of the Eastern Corridor’s finest singers, has finally responded to his misunderstanding with Dollar Street, a youth group based in ZabZugu.

A few months ago, Don Ziggy went into an agreement with Dollar Street, which saw him release a song for them. The song was about their name and what they do and can do. Fortunately, the song became an anthem on TikTok and on the streets.

After it became an anthem, Don Ziggy circulated a statement that he would be coming out with a remix of the song. This didn’t go down well with Dollar Street, as they paid Don Ziggy for the song to be recorded for them. The crew came out with videos sending out warnings to Don Ziggy not to dare remix it or else face it the odd way with them.

Dollar Street Crew Warns Don Ziggy

According to Don Ziggy, it was part of his agreement with them that he should do whatever he could to make the name Dollar Street a household name, and that is exactly what he has been doing.

Don Ziggy stated that the crew are all his junior brothers, and so the next time they go to their socials to disrespect him, he will beat the hell out of them.

He added that the remix was a strategy to promote the name (Dollar Street) more, but their actions had made him remove their name from the song. He assures fans that the remix featuring Wiz Child will still be released. Watch him speak.

One On One With Don Ziggy