One of Ghana’s fast rising stars, Iddrisu Maltiti who is popularly known as Fad Lan has shown her support to Chef Faila on her quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest Cook.

During his visit to the modern city hotel where the event is taken place, Fad Lan donated a dozen crates of minerals to support Faila’s ambition.

Even though Fad Lan isn’t the first Northern based artists who visited the venue to support Faila, as a lot more artists including Fancy Gadam, Deensi, Maccasio, Choggu Boys, IsRahim etc has visited Faila, but Fad Lan has made a mark to donate something to her and performed as well, unlike his colleagues, who went there just to perform and ends it there.

Fad Lan’s support is expected to provide a much needed boost to Chef Faila’s ongoing efforts. The drinks will not only assist distribute to people present at the venue, but will also help Chef Faila ensure highest standard of quality and authenticity in her cooking marathon. Check out his performance there,