Mohammed Hafiz Gee Face has allegedly denied Choggu Boys the platform to perform at Jah Bless Faila’s stage.

As most of Ghanaian celebrities and influencers are visiting Chef Faila to show their love and support for her as she embarks on the journey of breaking the Guinness World Record of the longest Cook attempt in the world, Choggu Boys, one of the most popular music duo im the North came last night, 4th January to cheer her up with some performances.

Unfortunately, they waited for so many hours until they left angrily at the MC of the program, Mohammed Hafiz Gee Face for ”intentionally” denying them the opportunity to perform.
According to reports, Choggu Boys came very early at the venue even before Gee Face, but when the MC took off the mic, he constantly played and sing back to back songs of Fancy Gadam, whiles Choggu Boys were left standing and waiting to be called up on stage.

Before Gee Face could called them, Choggu Boys got angry and refused to perform again. They went straight to say HI to Faila and left the venue immediately.

But according to Gee Face, he was directed by TV3 who were broadcasting the program live that, most of the Northern based artists performing were not entertaining their viewers properly because they don’t know them, so he (Gee Face) should keep energizing the crowd for a while before calling any other artists again on stage.