In a culinary feat that has captured the attention and taste buds of food and tourism enthusiasts citywide, renowned chef Faila embarked on an extraordinary cooking challenge to break Guinness world record of 120 hours called the “Failacookathon.” Held at the modern city hotel in the heart of Tamale, this unique venture saw the talented and enthusiastic chef exhibit her cooking skills on a variety of delectable dishes and serve same to her dedicated supporters who have always been with her, with a remarkable twist – a new dish every hour.

The event, which started at dawn on January 1 and is set to continue to January 5, has already gathered attention nationwide and a crowd of eager food lovers at Tamale’s bustling food market and beyond. Known for her innovative recipes and passion for cuisine, is no stranger to pushing culinary boundaries, and this cooking marathon is no exception.

Inspired by her desire to showcase the rich flavors of Tamale and celebrate the diversity of Ghanaian cuisine, the Failacookathon has become a true spectacle in the culinary world. With each passing hour, Chef Faila delves into a new realm of taste sensations, offering both traditional and modern takes on beloved dishes.

The charismatic chef expertly juggles multiple dishes at once, her nimble hands working tirelessly to ensure each creation is flawless. From hearty stews bursting with flavor to delicate fufu accompanied by an array of tantalizing soups, Failacookathon offers a taste of Tamale that leaves no palate untouched.