Hassan Al Hussein, a twin manager to musician, Fancy Gadam has lamented over the recent shift of attention of music business to ONLY how an artist appear on stage.

Whiles many aspect of the entertainment industry in some other parts of the country and Africa as a whole keeps seeing the light of the day and entertainers are hitting and making global marks, the northern part of the industry seems not to be following suit.

Musicians fed more on concerts they put up by themselves, and now, the attention of these concerts has recently been shifted to how the artist will appear on stage as his entry. This has lead to so many artists feeling lazy to produce songs, but rather focusing on how to impress fans with entry anytime they have concerts.

Taking to Facebook after their core competitor, Maccasio starts making trends at all corners with his entry at his ”Game Over Concert on saturday December, 30, Hassan Al Hussein educates that, music business is an innovation and a profession that entails a lot. According to him, the people of the Northern Ghana need to redefined music and get serious. Check out the screenshot below,