Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, the Minister for Finance and Member of Parliament for Karaga, has been recognized among distinguished figures from Northern Ghana at this year’s Northern Excellence Awards. At the forthcoming ceremony, Dr. Amin Adam will be honored with the esteemed ‘Most Influential Northern Politician of the Year Award’ at the 6th edition of the prestigious event.

Dr. Amin Adam is being celebrated for his remarkable contributions to Ghanaian politics and his unwavering commitment to inspirational leadership, which serves as a guiding light for the youth in Northern Ghana.
The Northern Excellence Awards seeks to acknowledge individuals who have made a significant impact on the landscape of Northern Ghana. The event is set to take place at Aisha Homes in Tamale on Saturday, March 9th, 2024.

In an interview with Mynorthtoday.com, Mr. Alhassan Abdul Latif, Executive Director of the Celebrities Charity Development Foundation, shed light on the decision to honor Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam. He highlighted the minister’s exemplary dedication, perseverance, and hard work in ascending the political hierarchy, ultimately becoming the first proud son of Dagbon and the North to hold the esteemed position of Minister for Finance under the fourth republic.
Mr. Latif emphasized that Dr. Amin Adam’s achievements extend beyond personal success, as he has dedicated himself to uplifting his community and providing vital support to his constituents to thrive in their pursuits.

His leadership embodies the values of integrity, compassion, and resilience, inspiring others to make positive contributions to their communities. His legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations, leaving an indelible mark on our nation’s history,” Mr. Latif reiterated.

NExA, spearheaded by the Celebrities Charity Development Foundation in collaboration with MyNorthToday.com and Partners, aims to annually recognize and honor distinguished personalities actively contributing to the socio-economic development of Northern Ghana.
Authored by Abubakari Sadiq Righteous – Mynorthtoday.com